Researchers night in Cordoba

The Spanish team had the opportunity to make known the “Europe 2038” project between more than a hundred youngsters and schoolchildren and share with them their ideas, opinions and expectations about which and how is the Europe they want to have in a future. Through an interactive and a very dynamic activity the participants were able to check their knowledge about the European Union having fun at the same time.
In the afternoon, the Spanish team of the “Europe 2038” had the chance to share the project and its aims with the University of Cordoba authorities, including the rector and vice rector.

#MeetMeTonight#Researchers’ Night 2016

On Friday 30th of September 2016, during the event “Fifth edition of the Researchers’ Night, Meet Me Tonight”, which was promoted by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, the project “Europe 2038” was presented. In the afternoon, at the “Giardini Indro Montanelli” of the University campus of Milan, inside the stand “Meet the psychology” and, in the morning at the University Campus of Brescia, the Italian team advertised the Project “Europe 2038”. The youngsters, who took part in the event could know about the project and how contributing by filling in the online survey.

Researchers’ Night in Oradea

Friday, the 30th of September, between 5pm and10 pm, during Researchers’ Night organized by the University of Oradea, Romanian project members (Carmen Hortensia Bora, Simona Trip and Gabriel Roseanu) have presented the Europe 2038 – Voice of the youth to the young visitors of the event and talked about the main activities of the project. The youngsters had the possibility to complete the Pan-European Survey, paper-pencil and online version. There have been some interesting debates on the content of the survey, especially topics like youngsters’ attitudes and values. We have discovered some interesting points of view.

Green days in Linz

The group 2 of the Master program of Social Work (MSO15, G2) of the University of Applied Sciences organized the workshop “Future on the screen” together with Eszter Kapeter during the Green Days in Linz. The Green Days are organized by JUMP Jugend-Umwelt-Plattform. Fourteen Social Work students discussed the results of the Austrian Survey with 23 young people. As a result, four short comments were produced by the youngsters. These short comments are posted on the Europe 2038 YouTube Channel, you find more here:
More infos regarding the workshop can be found here:


Radio Interview Prof. Simona Caravita

On September 22 was transmitted the interview with Simona Caravita (team leader of the project in Italy). At GlabRadio, a university radio of Brescia. In the interview the project “Europe 2038” was presented. The importance for youth to express their opinions and visions about the future of Europe was highlighted, and their participation in the online survey was encouraged. You can listen the Interview at this link: