What visions do young people of today have for a future Europe?

What will Europe look like in 2038? What visions do young people of today have for a future Europe?

What are their answers for today’s major societal challenges like ageing, financial crisis, clean energy, mobility/migration, freedom and security?

Which measures do young people suggest to overcome terrorism and violence, inequalities and social exclusion, prejudice and discrimination? The present project seeks to answer these urgent questions and to find ways to create a common understanding of the European Union as well as to contribute to a common Union’s history.

It is important to get first-hand insights into how young people aged 16-25 envision their future and the future of Europe. The project examines how Union politics can be changed to attract more young people to become actively involved. The project fosters European citizenship by discussing these urgent questions with young people living in countries around Europe. The project aims to foster the knowledge, competencies and motivation of young people that they are empowered to actively shape and put into practice their visions of the future of Europe.