Multiplier Events

Professionals like teachers, social workers or educationalists located in seven European countries will be invited to participate in events with the main goal to empower them to actively combat violence and social exclusion experiences of young people. Professional youth workers who are equipped with knowledge, skills and motivation have a key multiplier role to foster civic participation on Union level among youth.

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Poster Symposium during the EARA conference.
The first multiplier event took place between September 17-18 during the EARA conference in Cadiz, Spain. First results from the studies conducted in Albania, Austria, Romania and Spain were presented.
The posters can be downloaded here:

European Researchers night.
During the researchers night which took place on September 30, the Europe 2038 project was promoted in three partner countries: Italy, Spain and Romania. In the three countries, the project was introduced to young people and local authorities.

Multiplier event in Passau, Germany.
The event took place November 16 and two partner countries participated: Germany and Austria. Photos can be found here:
The power-point presentations can be downloaded here:

Multiplier event during the XXI Workshop Aggression in Oradea, Romania
A round table with multipliers including the European parliamentary Emilian Pavel and a plenary symposium including presentations from Romania, Spain, Italy and Austria took place in Oradea, November 18.
Photos of the XXI Workshop can be found here:
Photos of the multiplier event can be found here:
The power-point presentations can be downloaded here: