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Symposium in Brescia

Results from Italy will be presented in the symposium “Europe 2038: le speranze e le preoccupazioni dei giovani sul futuro dell’Europa. Istituzioni e società civile in dialogo” [Europe 2038: Youth’s expectancies and worries about the future of the Europe. dei giovani sul futuro dell’Europa. Institutions and civil society in dialogue], February 18th, campus of Brescia of the Catholic University of the Sacred Hearth (Sala della Gloria – via Trieste 17, Brescia). The data will be discussed in light of the European and Italian politics with representatives of the civil society and of the Institutions, in particular the European parliamentary Luigi Morgano, and Valentina Aprea, Lombardy Regional Minister of “Education, Training and Employment”.

Read more here: Seminario Europe 2038 Brescia

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